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Tea Leaf Green Live at Project THERE on 2003-08-23

Audio Preview

Tea Leaf Green Live at Project THERE on 2003-08-23

DISC ONE - SET ONE (48:44)

01 Darkened Hall
02 I'm Not Fit (Don't Be Down)
03 Heavy Machinery @ w/ mandolin
04 Harvest Time # first-time-played
05 Marketplace
06 Stormcloud #
07 Farm's Been Sold #
08 All Of Your Cigarettes #
09 Drink Of Streams (Trevor Garrod solo)
10 If It Wasn't For The Money #
11 Taught To Be Proud

DISC TWO - SET TWO (51:57)

01 Strange Ode To Nature
02 Ignoring The Oracle @& w/mandolin and accordion
03 The Bastard Brother #
04 No Blanket #
05 An Aeroplane (Has Never Seen It)
06 Dreaming Without Sleeping
07 Cowboy's Lullaby #
08 John Brown #
09 Don't Let It Down - for AG
10 For Every Lonely Lady #
11 The Gambler (Kenny Rogers cover) #

DISC THREE - SET THREE (79:47) *Rare recording*

01 Ride Together >
02 Hard Travellin' >
03 Ride Together
04 Freedom * w/Andy Gadiel vocals
05 Planet Of Green Love (13:27 Acoustic POGL!)
06 Sex In The 70's (14:16)
07 Vote On Tuesday
08 Moonshine
09 Earth And Sky
10 Kali-Yuga (10:38)
11 Beehive
12 Las Vegas

Collection TeaLeafGreen
Band/Artist Tea Leaf Green
Venue Project THERE
Location San Francisco, CA

Source Neumann u89i Mid Side + Multi-track > MOTU > Powerbook > CD
Lineage EAC > CoolEdit Pro (retracked and adjusted banter volume) > FLAC
Taped by Steven Fabing and Joe Baker
Transferred by TEAm and Daniel Gold


# = First-Time Played by TLG
@ = with Josh Clark on mandolin
& = with Trevor Garrod on accordion
* = with Andy Gadiel (founder of Jambase) on vocals

Coffee Bean Brown at Project THERENotes: Set 1 and Set 2 were originally released by Tea Leaf Green as a double-CD set, simply entitled "8/23/03 - Project THERE - San Francisco, CA" and briefly sold as an aftermath recording and subsequently by-mail, with colored CD labels and no box or liner-notes art. The release did not include the third set. Set III is in circulation here for the first time. By sometime in 2004, the house release was out-of-print and unavailable, and in 2006 the band said it's great to circulate this music on Archive. Every fan needs to hear this historic show to understand the personality of these CBBish songs. This is the second of three formative CBB shows, now slightly remastered and released on Archive.

Trevor Garrod - vocals, accordion, keys
Josh Clark - acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals
Scotty Rager - drums
Ben Chambers - bass, vocals
Special guest: Andy Gadiel - vocals on Freedom, MC at start and end of the show

This legendary early CBB show is stripped-down and mostly-acoustic format, representing another side of Tea Leaf Green: more of a focus on softer songs and Trevor's songwriting, in Set 1 and Set 2. The playing is beautiful. It's still acoustic but a lot more loose and crazy in Set 3.

This is the second official Coffee Bean Brown show. CBB is the sometimes-nickname of the acoustic variations on Tea Leaf Green: formally used in 2002, 2003, and 2004, and traditionally a venue to debut new Trevor songs before the electric band worked them out. In a recharacterization preceding their acoustic show in 2005, they retired the Coffee Bean Brown name and went as Tea Leaf Green Acoustic. The entire series of acoustic shows is followed closely by fans because of the regular births of new songs at these shows, and the unique sound qualities of acoustic instrumentation. It's fun to see the band challenged by alternate instrumentation.

Here is the text of the original online invitation to attend this underground kind of show:
"Hello faithful TLGers, I wanted to let you know about a private event occurring in San Francisco on Saturday, August 23rd featuring Coffee Bean Brown. The event will take place at a very special venue called Project THERE. The evening will be a very special & intimate sit-down show with (hopefully) an extremely attentive audience. For those of you who have seen CBB, you know how they can bring out the magic of the moment and provide that truly unique experience, quite different from the norm. If you would like to attend, you MUST buy a ticket before coming. Everyone must be on the will call list or you will not be allowed this. Once you see the beauty of the venue, you'll know why. Please note - due to the private nature of this event, we have chosen to slowly get the word out. Please don't forward this around for general discussion, but feel free to let those you think should know, know. More information on the event will be sent out to ticket buyers early next week. Hope to see you there.
Peace,Andy G & Plateface"

Later, AG posted this memory: "The story of how this show came to be is that on Christmas Day 2002 I went for my traditional X-Mas day drive around the Bay Area. This time it was up north on HWY 101 to the 116 West through Sebastopol and down to Bodega Bay. I had brought with me a copy of the original Coffee Bean Brown show that they had just played on 11/21 at Club Deluxe in the city but I unfortunately missed it because I was out of town. I popped the CD in as I approached the ocean and must have listened to it three full times on that drive. As I turned back down Hwy 1 towards home I turned off the HWY at the Dillon Beach turnoff and found myself winding around the cliffs by the ocean and down to this little sleeper town. Don't Let It Down started playing as the sun was glistening over the Pacific Ocean and stood out as a song that would be with me for years to come. It was at this moment that I realized how important it was for people to hear this music. I spent the next 8 months figuring out how to do it. I came across Project THERE when a friend introduced me to the good people there. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for this kind of event. Given the band's other local commitments as they were building their careers, we kept the billing as CBB and due to the private nature of the venue made it invite only. It's great to hear this show again after so long. I had the first two CDs in rotation for a while, but the third set was lost to history until now. It was an honor to be involved then and gift to be able to relive it today. Enjoy..."


DISC ONE - SET ONE (48:44)
DISC TWO - SET TWO (51:57)
DISC THREE - SET THREE (79:47) *Rare recording*


Plenty of banter this show! Great character insight & song backgrounds...

Before "Darkened Hall" the opening song: AG says "Please welcome Coffee Bean Brown!"

After "Darkened Hall" Josh says: "Alright, good to see y'all. We are Coffee Bean Brown, and we're very happy to be here."

Before "Heavy Machinery" Trevor: "We got the mandolin we're gonna pull out."

Before "Marketplace" Trevor: "Alright, we're making our way through this list."

After "Farm's Been Sold" a fan in the audience: "What was the song before that one?" Josh says "I forget." It was the debut version of "Stormcloud."

Before "Drink Of Streams" Trevor: "They're gonna make me play it by myself."

Before "If It Wasn't For the Money" Trevor: "This is like our newest song, I think. Well, they don't know!"

After "Taught To Be Proud" Trevor: "We're gonna take a little bit of a break. A lot of these songs we've played, I've actually recorded. I recorded in my bedroom by myself. We've got CD's for $5 if you wanna buy one." (Trevor was referring to his first house released solo album "Strange Ode To Nature" 2003).

Before "Ignoring The Oracle" Trevor puts on the accordion and says: "I had an Uncle Howie, well he's still alive so I do have an Uncle Howie. He gave me this once (accordion), so I figured, I might as well give it a shot. This is a song called Ignoring The Oracle."

After "Ignoring The Oracle" with Trevor on accordion, Josh: "We gotta wait for Trevor to dismount."

Before "Bastard Brother" first-time-played Trevor said: "I wrote this next song, a few months ago. We were traveling around somewhere in the Midwest, I was playing this lick on the guitar and I asked, Hey guys what's this sound like? And they said it kind of sounds like a Spaghetti Western. So I went with that. It's called The Bastard Brother."

After "Aeroplane" Trevor: "Hey I hope you guys all got a chance to try the wine we have here, Cooper Garrod. I think this vintage might have the sweat of my own hands in it. It's got a website, check it out." Josh: "It's delicious Trevor!"

After "Cowboy's Lullaby" a voice yells "Capitan Midnight!" Josh chuckles and says: "Cheers, indeed, everybody's got a cocktail, hold 'em up. We're alive and well, and by-God it's worth it!"

Before "John Brown" Trevor takes it to school: "Well this next song is, let me just tell you about it because it might be a little bit weird. I read this -- I didn't read all of it because it's just a big long thing -- but it's a book called John Brown's Body. There's one part, called A Hymn To John Brown. He's the guy that kind of started The Civil War. I don't know if you guys know anything about history. (Josh: Duh! Doy!) Trevor: But here's a song about him."

Before "Don't Let It Down" Trevor: "This next song is dedicated to our good friend, AG, otherwise known as Andy Gadiel."

Before "The Gambler" Trevor: "We're gonna play one more song, take a break, then we're gonna play some other songs. Josh: We're gonna cover some. Trevor: We're gonna cover. This is a song you might recognize."

Before SET III Josh explains: "Hi guys. We are going to do some songs by a band that we've been listening to lately. We like 'em! We think they're a pretty good band, so we decided to learn a few of their songs for tonight. This is a song called Ride Together by Tea Leaf Green."

Before "Freedom" Josh: "This is a song called Freedom. And also, if anybody's by the bar, I could use a cocktail. Trevor: I could use a cocktail too. Josh: We'd like to have Andy G come up and sing it, so if he's around, sing with me Andy. Do you remember the words? Andy: Sing along too, if you all know the words as well, it's a sing-along kind of song. Josh: Once again, I could use a glass of wine or beer or something. Andy: Get this man inebriated, please, quickly. Josh: A glass of wine. Here we go."

During "Freedom" Josh: "That-a-boy Andy G! Andy: Josh Clark, ladies and gentlemen. Josh: These are very nice cocktails by the way, thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen this is my partner in crime, Trevor Garrod on the piano."

Before a wild acoustic version of "Planet" Josh introduces: "Do we have to let him out of his cage? Let him out of his cage, Trevor. We gots to pass the mic to Ben C!"

After "Planet" Ben C: "Extra sour cream!"

During "Sex In The 70's" according to this later note by AG: "p.s. the sudden crowd burst of applause during the end build of Sex in the 70s was due to the fact that there were overhead lights shining on the audience. I didn't realize it until that moment and decided it would be good to go over and turn them off. As soon as I did, it synced with the music, the crowd exploded with the band...TeaCronicity."

Before "Vote On Tuesday" Trevor: "I want to play a song that's gonna be on our upcoming album, hopefully it'll be out in October. It's called Vote On Tuesday. Josh: Gimme a second Trevor, I got a little situation on the guitar. Alright, Vote On Tuesday. Anybody gonna vote for the Recall? Vote for me, Josh Clark as your Mayor. I will steer you correctly. I will put nothing in your pockets, and I will put everything in mine."

After "Earth and Sky" Trevor: "Alright, I think this is a good time, I want to tell you guys something. We've been playing around this town for a long time, but there's been one place we've always wanted to play, and it's finally going to happen. We're gonna play at The Fillmore on September 7th! We're gonna be opening up for a fine guitar player, David Lindley, it's gonna be a great show, and I hope you guys all come."

After "Kali Yuga" MK and audience calls for "Crackers and Cheese" and "Invasion."

After "Beehive" Josh: "Thank you guys." Trevor: "Thank you guys, goodnight, we had a great time."

After "Las Vegas" at the end of the show, Andy Gadiel (Jambase) thanks "our hosts tonight, JP and all the Project THERE people for the beautiful place" and says "Happy Birthday Kark".

The recording ends with an audience chant for Kark Kark Kark Kark.


In late 2003, MK said: "no question, one of my favorite shows!" about Project THERE.

Project THERE is a collective art space home in San Francisco, an intimate, unusual, surreal home for a show.

Photographs by Bear, except photograph of Phoreal's framed signed and numbered Ryan Kerrigan posters by DG

More Photos:


Dual Poster designs (day and night) by Ryan Kerrigan

Text File & certain arrangements by Dgold

Slight remastering: Minor retracking and volume enhancements on the between-song-banter by TEAm.

Recorded by Steven Fabing and Joe Baker, Thanks to Steve Schneider of Digital Media Transfers for loaning the u89's.

Thanks to Plateface, AG, Piney, Tbone, Brutha G, The Editor(s), the Forum, and associates for making this possible.

Setlist based on information posted by AG on the TLG forums

See text file for additional notes, if this isn't enough for your documentary satisfaction.

The first, previous & original debut Coffee Bean Brown show was 11-21-2002 at Club Deluxe in SF,

The third, subsequent & peak show under the name Coffee Bean Brown, 3-25-2004, is coming soon to Archive. You'll love it.

Long Live Coffee Bean Brown.


Reviewer: DFBayne - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 22, 2007
Subject: This show is sublime
I've DL'd about 20 TLG shows from here and BT.TREE.ORG and have to say this is the best one I have ever heard both from the perspective of the quality of the recording to the quality of the performance. This is a real gem. It has been in heavy rotation for me for quite some time and will undoubtably stay there.
Reviewer: houndog3 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 7, 2007
Subject: a must have for any TLG fan.
for some of the other best TLG on archive, check these two threads:

and this one:
Reviewer: bigeyedharper - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 6, 2006
Subject: jesus
this show is the MONEY. thanks so much for releasing this, not sure what prompted it, but I am thinkng the Tea Leaf Gods.

Check out that Drink Of down right hurts me to listen to it!
Reviewer: SFabing - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 6, 2006
Subject: Great show
Great recording.
The u89's were compliments of Steve Schneider of Digital Media Transfers
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